Scoliosis Filter


Includes the Leg Length Filter.


*Where the filter is present, radiation is reduced to the patient by 50% or more.

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The Ferlic Filter is a compensation filter that allows the entire cervical spine (C1-C7) and upper thoracic vertebra (T1) to be recorded on a single lateral film, significantly reducing radiation exposure and costs.

  • Consists of a base plate with magnetic strips to allow easy placement of both AP and lateral wedges.
  • The Leg Length Filter is for both CR, DR and film and can be used at both 80 to 100-inches.  The filter is graduated to decrease exposure to the lower leg.



  • The AP filter is graduated to decrease density evenly from T12 through the upper cervical spine.
  • The lateral wedges decrease radiation in the cervical and thoracic spine areas.