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Our Founder

Dan Ferlic was a Registered Technologist for over 40 years and employed by 3M Company in the X-ray Imaging Division. It was thirty-two years ago that he created the 3M Ferlic Filter for Chest Radiography. This filter had widespread use in both the United States and Europe.

Twenty years ago he designed and built the Swimmers / Lateral Hip Filter to improve the CR and DR imaging for those two views. Since its initial introduction, over 1500 are in use throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

“The filter redefines the quality of an image to a higher level.”

Dan Ferlic, Founder

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About Our Products

Looking to the future

Using the base idea of having the filter slide into the collimator rails has resulted in the creation of the Swimmers / Lateral Hip Filter, Double Wedge Filter, and Scoliosis Filter. Dan's mission is to create and improve images and reduce patient radiation through filters. He embraces technologist feedback and will go the extra mile to help find solutions to any imaging problem.