Swimmers / Lateral Hip Filter


For use with CR, DR, and film for lateral hip and swimmers view.


*Where the filter is present, radiation is reduced to the patient by 50% or more.

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Our exclusive swimmers / lateral hip filter is a compensation filter that allows the entire cervical spine (C1-C7) and upper thoracic vertebra (T1) to be recorded on a single lateral film, significantly reducing radiation exposure and costs.

  • Reduces overexposure to the cervical spine to produce a balanced density from C-1 to T-1. 
  • Reduces excessive radiation by filtering before it reaches the patient. 
  • Application for lateral cervical spines with CR @ 72″ increases information on the lower cervical and upper thoracic, often reducing the need for a swimmer view.



  • No positioning is required – just move it in until it stops.
  • Increases visual detail through additional coning.
  • Tech-proof with a stainless steel base custom fit for all x-ray machines (including portables).
  • Lead coning rails assure proper coning at 40 inches.
  • Creates a one-inch border on the length of the image.
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